• Installation of Concrete Floors as per design and specifications using laser screed (Copperhead).
  • Design and Installation of guaranteed floors as per clients requirement, which includes design of grade slab as per CSTR 34, ACI360R guidelines, detailed construction drawings, joint details, concrete mix designs.
  • Floor repairs which includes resurfacing in minimum 12mm thick AVCRETE systems, steel fibre reinforced concrete overlay for increasing load carrying capacity.
  • Wide bay flooring using truss screed as effective flooring to Tremix floorings/VDF floorings, both in terms of output and quality.
  • Coloured Floorings.
  • Deck / podium / parking floors, also in colours.


Detailed Engineering


Structural Strengthening
  • Repairs and Rehabilitation of concrete structures
  • Strengthening by FRP System

Concrete Pavements
  • Concrete roads, pavements for CFS, track terminals etc
  • UTW – Design and Construction of Ultrathin whitetopping over flexible / asphalt pavement/roads.